SLCD is an innovative law firm which provides Clients with the legal assistance and advisory services necessary to face the challenges arising from a market increasingly characterized by multicultural and international relationships. SLCD is composed of a team of professionals who speak and work in both Italian and English and are highly qualified to assist the Client in complex transactions in Italy and abroad thanks to its on-going collaboration with a network of international law firms.


SLCD offers comprehensive advisory services in all areas of commercial law and boasts significant expertise in the areas of industrial and intellectual property, information technology, food law and energy law.

Our Law Firm, thanks to its cooperation with leading consulting & finance boutiques, is also qualified to assist Clients in the areas of M&A transactions, following all of the phases of the deal from the investment analysis to the strategic planning.


SLCD is located in the historic center of Padua in Palazzo Conti.  It is situated in the formerly named S. Giovanni della Morte district, its name stemming from the well-known local Paduan family, the Contis, who resided there until the late 1800’s.
The Palazzo originally built in the 1500’s owes its look to the late baroque style due to renovations carried out by Pio Conti (1635-1712) who entrusted the decoration of the interior rooms to some of the major painters present in the area of the Republic of Venice, among those being, the Frenchman Louis Dorigny (1654-1742), the Venetian Andrea Celesti (1637-1711) and the Milanese Federico Cervelli (1625-1700).


SLCD boasts a precise legal commitment and calling in the areas of interest of modern businesses and is characterized by a flexible and efficient organization that guarantees that the Client will be provided with “customized” professional services.
SLCD provides legal services based upon the precise needs and requirements of the Client, creating for each and every mandate a team of qualified legal specialists thus guaranteeing to the Client constant involvement in the strategic-management and decision-making. SLCD believes that transparency is an essential trait in the legal assistance relationship with the Client, in fact, from the moment each mandate is undertaken, an accurate estimate of the legal costs and time requirements for the performance of such is provided.